Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms


MED-Q Pill reminder can be a great tool to lessen the caregiver’s workload.  This pill box with alarm reduce the responsibility of making sure your loved ones will take their medication.  No more mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication. The MED-Q Timer Pill Box takes care of it.

A medication alarm clock means you will be able to not have to worry. A pill clock needs to be part of your plan of taking care of yourself and your loved one.  The pill alarm clock will share the load with the pill box.  Caregivers need to be aware that a Timer pill box or medication alarm clock or medication timer will help everyone.   Especially if used as an Alzheimer’s pill alarm.

Spend at least thirty minutes a day on “ME” time.  Find ways to treat yourself to something nice.  You Deserve it.   If you are not healthy, you can’t take care of others.  Caregivers need to get out of the house and into social environments. 

Switch off  thoughts.  Practice a measure breathing .  This will help with Caregiver’s stress and lower blood pressure.  Rotate your head in a smooth, circular , Roll your shoulders forward and backward several times. this will help let all your muscles relax

Make yourself laugh.   Laughter is the best way to deal with stress  A little laughter goes a long way.   Read a funny articles on the internet, watch comedy TV or Movies.   A Pill Box with alarm can help with that type of attitude

Do not let the role of caregiver provide your identity.  You must continue to live your life.  Outside relationships whether they be personal, business or clubs can not be understated. This release is an excellent way of handling the stress build up.  Mom forgetting medication will not have the same impact.

Make regular doctor visits even though it is easy to forget.  You Need to focus on your own health.  Regular Exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes per day.   Eat a well balanced diet, not high energy junk food.    Don’t cut back on sleep.  Adequate sleep will give you more energy, improve your mood, and ability to handle stress.

Smart pill Reminder to help the Caregiver

  Take Care Of Yourself First

MEDQ Smart pill Reminder to help the Caregiver 

Taking care of yourself is key to positive outcomes.

The amount of Patience and Understanding  a Caregiver needs can be overwhelming.  Use a pill box with alarm or some type of Medication Reminder, it will Help.  

Smart Pill reminder

70%  of Caregivers Suffer Depression

Typical symptoms of the caregiver include: fatigue, insomnia, stomach complaints, with the most common symptom being depression. Roughly 70% of caregivers suffer from depression

Caregiver "Out of Pocket" Cost, $5,500 per year

The average caregiver spends $5,531 dollars per year in “OUT OF POCKET” to help care for their loved ones.

39 Hrs a Week

66 Million Americans are caregivers for the ill, aged or disabled.  The Average unpaid Caregiver devotes 39.2 Hours per week caring for a loved one.  MED-Q Timer Pill Box reminder will greatly reduce that workload.

Higher Risk of Death

Elderly Caregivers are at a 63% higher Risk of death than others in the same age group.  Caregivers stand to lose 10 years of their life by caring for a loved one.    Again, MED-Q Pill Reminder to the rescue.