Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms

MedQ Smart Smart Pill Reminder with alarms

A Smart Pill Reminder with alarms will help with senior manage their  average of 5 prescription medications per day.  A Smart Pill Reminder is as important as the medication they are taking. This Smart Pill Box with alarms has the unique LED LITE-BOX technology.  Not at all like your Grandma’s old fashion pillbox.  The Smart pill box has become much more than a simple pillbox.  New technology has made Smart Pillboxes a tool to prevent many problems.

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder for Mom's Meds

Smart pill box with alarms means  Finishing your treatment cycle

Seniors stop taking their medication when they feel better.  For the best outcomes, medicine  prescription need to be completed.  Not finishing the entire bottle can lead to relapse and future bouts that are even worse according to NEDICINENET .  Smart Pill dispensers are great for Alzheimer’s suffers.  View the MED-Q pill dispenser on YOUTUBE
MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms is a simple, reliable and affordable solution.  A simple device that can improve the Quality of life of Alzheimer’s’ sufferers

Dad forgetting Medication is a worldwide problem

The World Heath Organization  says 90% of Seniors make medication errors.  The biggest error, simply forgetting.  A Smart Medication Reminder will help with the 90%.  Smart Pill dispensers are available o n line.  Check out Amazon “Smart PillBox  for choices.  MED-Q Pill Reminder uses a triple alarm to make forgetting medication a thing of he past..  

Old Fashion Plastic Pill boxes are nothing more than a pill organizer.  They will not prevent forgetting prevent mis-dosing  Taking Your pills from bottles and putting the in pillbox, you will still missed-dose.  The results of med errors could be fatal.  Taking you daily pills with the Best Pill Box means that after the pills are taken there is no chance to make the mistake and overdosing.  One thousand overdosing errors that require hospital visits occur every day.  Your MED-Q Smart Smart Pill Box with alarms will reduce this number.