Repeats Every 30 Mins

Miss a Pill, No Problem, Med-Q Pillbox repeats it's alarms until the Plls have been taken. The Smart pill Organizer

America's #1 Smart Pill Reminder with Triple Alarms 

Loud Blasting Alarms

Medical supplies for the elderly has never seen a pill box that Get Louder and Louder for 5 Full Minutes or until the Pills are Taken

Med-Q Pill Reminder ends Struggles with Meds

Pill Box alarm
Loud Medication Alarms
Pill Box

America's #1 Smart Pill Reminder with Lite-Box technology

My hubby won't even try to use the new telephone we have, with a button to turn it on and one to turn it off.He prefers the old one...also the same sort of buttons,but he is adamant about not using the new one. He has only morning and night pills but I can't trust him to take them if I left them out for him. He has to have me to remind him. Now, he has to take eye drops, one kind is 5 times a day and one is 3. There are 3 times when the two drops are taken at the same time. He is always surprised that it is time for drops, questions why he has to take two, or only has to take one, each time...and at times, says he has had enough, he needs no more. He will not even listen to me when I remind him the eye dr. said don't go into sunlight without sun glasses....he just goes out in the bright sun and reads... Pills and drops can be a pain for caregivers...also following some sort of so called "orders." Charlotte

Amazing New Pill Box with LITE-Box Technology

‚ÄčMed-Q Smart Pill Box has been designed to help eliminate Senior's medication mistakes.  The Cutting Edge Pill box uses LED LITE-BOX Technology to guide the user to the correct dose.  Just take the flashing box!! No decisions means no more mistakes.  The  audio alarm will get louder and louder for a full five minutes.  If the pills have not been taken, the genius design will repeats it's cycle every 30 minutes.  


Med-Q Pill Reminder uses a Flashing LITE-BOX to guide the user to the Exact Dose. The #1 automatic pill dispenser with alarm is the best pill box

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms

My mother-in-law has a MedQ Smart Pill Box with Alarms

My mother-in-law has a pillbox that can hold a week's worth of medication and has three separate compartments for each day (morning, noon and night dosages). We have programmed her cell phone to sound an alarm three times a day. When she opens the phone after the alarm sounds, there is a message that pops up reminding her to take her medication. She has to manually shut it off. We keep her cell phone attached to the charger in the same place on the kitchen counter. Thankfully this has worked for us.