Repeats Every 30 Mins

Miss a Pill, No Problem, Med-Q Pillbox repeats it's alarms until the Plls have been taken. The Smart pill Organizer

Powered by 2 AA Batteries

(Not Included).

America's #1 Smart Pill Reminder LED LITE-BOX and Triple Alarms 

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A Great Addition to Your Product Line


Med-Q Pill Reminder uses a Flashing LITE-BOX to guide the user to the Exact Dose. The #1 automatic pill dispenser with alarm is the best pill box

Pill Box

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms

America's #1 Smart Pill Reminder with Lite-Box technology

Loud Blasting Alarms

Medical supplies for the elderly has never seen a pill box that Get Louder and Louder for 5 Full Minutes or until the Pills are Taken


Amazing New Pill Box with LITE-Box Technology

Med-Q Smart Pill Box has been designed to help eliminate Senior's medication mistakes.  The Cutting Edge Pill box uses LED LITE-BOX Technology to guide the user to the correct dose.  Just take the flashing box!! No decisions means no more mistakes.  The  audio alarm will get louder and louder for a full five minutes.  If the pills have not been taken, the genius design will repeats it's cycle every 30 minutes.

Pill Box alarm
Loud Medication Alarms